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Christmas Cocktails at The Cocktail Co

Christmas Cocktails at The Cocktail Co

At last... The Cocktail Company Christmas specials have been released and
we feel fairly confident that we have successfully combined your favourite festive
flavours in ways that only our in-house experts could imagine.
As the big man makes his final preparations in the North Pole, our team of
passionate, dedicated and hard-working cocktail-making maestros have been
working equally hard to bring you a range of festive delights that could make for
the perfect last-minute gift or a simply scrumptious post-dinner beverage.
So whether you’re watching Hugh Grant or Harry Potter in front of that open fire
this Christmas, we hope that we’ve managed to concoct something that will make
this special time of year that little bit sweeter.
Have a very Merry Christmas from all at the Cocktail Company, your support over
this past year has been nothing short of phenomenal and something for which we
are always grateful.
So take that well-earned break, enjoy your time off, however brief it may seem,
and have a healthy, happy, fantastic new year!